Unemployment rates by sex and statistical regions (1982-2018) - Quarterly, CSV

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Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Code text
Libellé text
T1_1982 numeric
T2_1982 numeric
T3_1982 numeric
T4_1982 numeric
T1_1983 numeric
T2_1983 numeric
T3_1983 numeric
T4_1983 numeric
T1_1984 numeric
T2_1984 numeric
T3_1984 numeric
T4_1984 numeric
T1_1985 numeric
T2_1985 numeric
T3_1985 numeric
T4_1985 numeric
T1_1986 numeric
T2_1986 numeric
T3_1986 numeric
T4_1986 numeric
T1_1987 numeric
T2_1987 numeric
T3_1987 numeric
T4_1987 numeric
T1_1988 numeric
T2_1988 numeric
T3_1988 numeric
T4_1988 numeric
T1_1989 numeric
T2_1989 numeric
T3_1989 numeric
T4_1989 numeric
T1_1990 numeric
T2_1990 numeric
T3_1990 numeric
T4_1990 numeric
T1_1991 numeric
T2_1991 numeric
T3_1991 numeric
T4_1991 numeric
T1_1992 numeric
T2_1992 numeric
T3_1992 numeric
T4_1992 numeric
T1_1993 numeric
T2_1993 numeric
T3_1993 numeric
T4_1993 numeric
T1_1994 numeric
T2_1994 numeric
T3_1994 numeric
T4_1994 numeric
T1_1995 numeric
T2_1995 numeric
T3_1995 numeric
T4_1995 numeric
T1_1996 numeric
T2_1996 numeric
T3_1996 numeric
T4_1996 numeric
T1_1997 numeric
T2_1997 numeric
T3_1997 numeric
T4_1997 numeric
T1_1998 numeric
T2_1998 numeric
T3_1998 numeric
T4_1998 numeric
T1_1999 numeric
T2_1999 numeric
T3_1999 numeric
T4_1999 numeric
T1_2000 numeric
T2_2000 numeric
T3_2000 numeric
T4_2000 numeric
T1_2001 numeric
T2_2001 numeric
T3_2001 numeric
T4_2001 numeric
T1_2002 numeric
T2_2002 numeric
T3_2002 numeric
T4_2002 numeric
T1_2003 numeric
T2_2003 numeric
T3_2003 numeric
T4_2003 numeric
T1_2004 numeric
T2_2004 numeric
T3_2004 numeric
T4_2004 numeric
T1_2005 numeric
T2_2005 numeric
T3_2005 numeric
T4_2005 numeric
T1_2006 numeric
T2_2006 numeric
T3_2006 numeric
T4_2006 numeric
T1_2007 numeric
T2_2007 numeric
T3_2007 numeric
T4_2007 numeric
T1_2008 numeric
T2_2008 numeric
T3_2008 numeric
T4_2008 numeric
T1_2009 numeric
T2_2009 numeric
T3_2009 numeric
T4_2009 numeric
T1_2010 numeric
T2_2010 numeric
T3_2010 numeric
T4_2010 numeric
T1_2011 numeric
T2_2011 numeric
T3_2011 numeric
T4_2011 numeric
T1_2012 numeric
T2_2012 numeric
T3_2012 numeric
T4_2012 numeric
T1_2013 numeric
T2_2013 numeric
T3_2013 numeric
T4_2013 numeric
T1_2014 numeric
T2_2014 numeric
T3_2014 numeric
T4_2014 numeric
T1_2015 numeric
T2_2015 numeric
T3_2015 numeric
T4_2015 numeric
T1_2016 numeric
T2_2016 numeric
T3_2016 numeric
T4_2016 numeric
T1_2017 numeric
T2_2017 numeric
T3_2017 numeric
T4_2017 numeric
T1_2018 numeric
T2_2018 numeric
T3_2018 numeric

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